Red Barber: Baseball is only dull to dull minds
Harry Caray: It could be, It might be... It is, A Home Run
Yogi Berra: It ain't over till it's over
Babe Ruth: Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.
Leo Durocher: I've never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes.
Yogi Berra: Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the st
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All games played under the auspices of Stoney Creek Optimist Little League or under the rules of Stoney Creek Optimist Little League shall be suspended immediately upon the instance of thunder and or lightning. Team Managers shall inform opposing managers and the umpire-in-charge of this policy prior to the start of play.

Any person at the game who believes that thunder and or lightning has occurred shall immediately bring this to the attention of a team coach. The team coach shall immediately inform the umpire-in-charge of this information. The umpire-in-charge or persons in charge at the field shall immediately stop the game and convene a meeting of the respective team coaches, confirm the instance of thunder and or lightning, and suspend/cancel the game in accordance with this policy.

All persons affiliated with the game are requested to leave the field and seek protective cover for their own safety.

Games so suspended shall remain suspended for a period of thirty (30) minutes. If the thirty minute period expires without a re-occurrence of thunder and or lightning, the game shall resume.

The thirty minute period shall be reset to a full thirty minutes upon the reoccurrence of another instance of thunder and or lightning. If thunder and or lightning continues, continuation or cancellation of the game shall be decided by the umpire-in-charge in accordance with the rules of Little League Baseball, Inc or the specific rules governed by inter-league and inter-city teams or by the division conveners.


1ALWAYS ASSUME THE GAME IS TO BE PLAYED - If you have not been contacted by the League, then check the website and/or facebook page.  If these still do not have a message about cancellation then a decision has not been made..

2. The Convenor will work with the Executive (scheduler) to re-schedule any postponed games as soon as possible. The Coaches are NOT to re-schedule the game(s) on their own.

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