***Coronavirus COVID-19 Update*** (June 11th, 2020)

Good Morning ,

Our executive team has spent a lot of hours trying to determine what our next steps should be.  At this time we are still hopeful for baseball activities this summer and fall but we don’t know what this looks like, we are awaiting the Province, City and Public Health.

At this time we will be refunding everyone’s payments in full, in order to try and make this as smooth as possible, we are asking each family to email back the following information, your full address, the name required on the refund cheque.  We will then check this against what we have on record and then begin the process of writing the cheques and mailing them out.

All emails should be sent to president.stoneycreekll@gmail.com

If we are able to conduct baseball activities this year we will then ask everyone to sign up at that time.


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